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December 28, 2012
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[CH] Abel Ketteley by rabbitousa [CH] Abel Ketteley by rabbitousa


name: Abel Ketteley
gender: male
age: 16
height/weight: 5'4"/120 lbs
Abel is a sociopath, or has ASPD (anti-social personality disorder). He really doesn't have any callous concern for others and how they feel. He's a liar, a delinquent, and a murderer. He hides behind fake smiles, usually they look sadistic and scary, but underneath, well... he's not exactly feeling anything. Guilt or remorse doesn't apply to him anymore, but he likes to know what others are feeling, or, more exactly, to know you're a person.

He can get very aggressive and violent if provoked. Provoking him could only result in him lashing out at you. He's not super powerful, don't get me wrong, but he doesn't exactly have any self-control. In time, he could calm down, but it could take from a couple minutes to hours. His anger has never lasted a full day, he's usually on his bed reading a psychology book. Reading that much psychology most likely means he knows he has ASPD.

Abel is a sadomasochist. This sadism started at an early age, during his childhood. He gets pleasure from either torturing others and preforming his 'experiments' on them. It's not a pleasant thought, actually. In anyway possible, he'll try to hurt you, whether it'll be physically or mentally, by lying or manipulating you. It doesn't matter to him because he has lost all sense of remorse.
:new: Abel has had his personality changed drastically over time by growing closer to his new lover, Celine. He has become calm and caring only towards her,  but retains his mischievous and torturous ways. Since he has come to know the feeling of love, Abel is still learning how to work a relationship, since from the past he had never been involved in anything romantically or wanted to be.


faction: Spades
role: The Devious Trickster
weapon: Twin axes on an extendable thick wire
- Very good in Parkour
- Studying people's emotions
- Somewhat physically strong
+ french vanilla tea
+ psychology
+ learning different behaviors of people
+ learning people's vulnerabilities
+ anything that comes out of a bakery (mostly things with chocolate inside)
- being called insane/psycho/crazy
- having someone learn about his vulnerabilities
- someone speaking of genitalia (i.e - boob, peen )
- not making progress on his experiments
+ His manipulation
+ Torture for his experiments
- His obsessive personality
- Going overboard/causing too quick of a death
Abel's family owned a bakery. It was a small little store, nothing very fancy of special, although the aromas were something to talk about. His mother was a great pastry chef, and his father was a wonderful bread maker. Together, his parents were unstoppable, creation delicious masterpieces one after another. Abel loved the scents coming from that little store.
They were middle class, and they had a good life. Abel was happy for the longest time... until his father started cheating. The loud and angry arguing he heard from down the stairs scared him to death as a child. Nothing seemed more scarier until the loud cracks were heard. Abel, too frightened, didn't bother to see what happened until the next morning.
Walking down the rickety stairs, Abel saw what had made the loud cracking noises. His father had punched several holes in the wall.. and the smell of alcohol filled the room. His once wonderful life of sweet smells and laughter had turned into putrid odors and painful yelling.
Moving on into the future, Abel's father had left him and his mother alone. The bakery had lost its sheen and magic, beautiful aromas no longer wafting out the doors. His mother had become lazy and quiet. Abel was left to his books in his room.
One time, in the middle of the night, his father had come home. His mother had been so exhausted and tired, she didn't hear him walking up the stairs to Abel's room. That moment was the most traumatizing moment of the child's life. His father had been drunk, and his girlfriend had left him. Angry and unable to process his surroundings properly, his father released his malevolence on his only son. This continued for a few months, always in the middle of the night.
Getting outside during a sunny day, he wandered into an open field, carrying more of his books. It was peaceful and the noises of wilderness surrounded him. He loved it. He stayed there until sunset, and walking home, he came across a clock. Abel knew what that meant, and started to laugh to himself. Hearing his mother call him back home, he stepped over the clock and skipped home, still giggling.
At the age of 14, Abel's mother gave him his twin axes, something she had inherited from her grandfather. Abel gladly took them, and practiced with them most of the day... on animals. He was a twisted kid now, and this twisted root stemmed from his fathers nightly beatings and humiliations.
At the age of 15, his father still visiting him at night, even after his mother found out and did nothing to stop him, Abel's father came into his room for the last time. Abel readied his axes, and completely annihilated his fathers clockheart. Satisfied with what he had done, chuckling to himself with pleasure, he went to his mothers room, and kissed her forehead.

I love you, mom

He destroyed her clockheart too. But, other than laughing, he sobbed. The only feeling of remorse he had left, he used it on his mother, the one family member he truly loved. After that, he took what he could, left the house to burn, and walked down the road.
Later on he joined the faction of spades, after he left the diamonds faction, and after meeting people and later on breaking their clockhearts. If only his father hadn't cheated... his life would have stayed the same. But what fun would that be?

- :new: HE CHOPPED OFF HIS WINGS HAA//;; because he thought they were too useless
- He can get really attached to someone, depending on how they act with him.
- He acts like he's an innocent child, but he's really not.
- He has a hard time keeping relationships, whether it be friendships or love relations
- He really likes to manipulate.
Ariane - Over time, Abel has grown quite close to her, as much as to consider her a 'friend'. He's very attached to her, almost to the point where it could be thought of as an obsession. He has no romantic feelings for her whatsoever, but he does 'love' her in a strange obsessive manner. He's currently played off as an innocent child to her, manipulating her into thinking he's a good kid. :new: He sees Ariane as more of a 'mother' figure to him, and has become very possessive of her. He could not stand having her look down on him as a murderer, and keeps up his general 'innocent' act around her.

Celine - After countless beatings and making her cry, he's come to show his true feelings around her. Aside from him constantly hurting her out of his own sick pleasure, she still visits him and trusts him either way, which makes him happy. :new: Both him and Celine have grown much closer to the point where they developed a romantic relationship, Celine being the one to confess first, leaving Abel to struggle with his feelings for her for a long while. While he has become more caring and compassionate with her, he still beats her and causes her pain any chance he can get.


textures by cloaks
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